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About ten years ago, I had a vivid and startling dream.  In the dream world, I was somehow creating bowls and other objects from paper pulp--luminous, energized items which I just loved myself and which others were attracted to as well. I felt strong and vital in the dream and so happy. The next day, I went to my local library and found just two books on the "new books" shelf--one was on how to cast paper pulp into bowls, and the other was about following your dream imagery wisdom. 

That got my attention, so right away I began a long and compatible relationship with paper casting, which has evolved over the years into creating handmade cast paper  bowls for bowl-and-bead meditation as well as a variety of cast paper pastries.  I've made pastries from 1950's jello molds and toy bakeware from my own childhood playtime, and meditation bowls in all sizes--cast on shapes ranging from a vintage glass ceiling light fixture to an ordinary mixing bowl to a giant pumpkin. 

Pursuing this unexpected passion has led me to many hours of joyful attention to the present moment, opening more and more over time to the company of my authentic self...happily planning, scavenging, casting, painting, embellishing, and varnishing my waking versions of those compelling dream images from so long ago.

I hope you enjoy seeing these pieces. Please come back often to see current photos as new items are added to the site.  I would love to hear from you anytime at dottiependleton@castpaperartwork.com.

--Dottie Pendleton